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Short Call Specialists

Internally developed architecture to handle short duration calls

Cloud Solutions

Let us help you develop and scale your online requirements

Who we are?

Digipigeon is a leading provider of VoIP Telecoms specialising in Call Centres & Carriers, as well as delivering top level consultancy and development into cloud products.

General Overview

Digipigeon Limited has been trading since 2006 and in this period we have expanded our expertise and services that we provide.

The internet is our first home (although we have physical presence in both UK and India), if things dont work, we will know why. Knowledge of what can go wrong helps us to prevent it and make sure that the services that we deliver are highly reliable and standards orientated.

SIP Termination

We are specialists in short duration traffic, we have built our architecture to handle the fast pace of call setups and teardowns.

Primary Destinations

  • UK Landline & Mobile(CC)
  • USA On-net / Off-net

Specilist Profiles

  • Teir 1 (Direct) - Short Duration
  • Teir 2 - Short Duration
  • High CPS profiles
We also carry: Wholesale CLI, Retail CLI, Wholesale Non-CLI, we do not carry missed call traffic.

Carrier Services

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If you would like to manage, present and archive your rate card better, take a look at our dedicated carrier services product. It can help to manage your rate card, merge many complicated NPX providers together to see who is the cheapest.

Outbound SIP Termination

Whether your termination requirements are cost driven or quality driven, we have a selection of routes that will fit your needs. High CPS and Low ASR's are not problems for us as we built our entire architecture to comfortably handle aggressive traffic profiles, we welcome Voice Broadcast traffic. Bring your own dialler along and we will give it the infrastructure that it needs to function at its best.

Physical Phones, Virtual Connection

If you are a UK SME and not using VoIP, you should be!

VoIP has been around since 1973 and its always improving. Over the last 5 years home and SME internet connections have finally became fast enough to allow VoIP to flow effectively.

With the power of the internet and ofcom, the UK is the perfect place to be a VoIP user, if you also work outside the UK, even more so.

Business VoIP from Digipigeon

At Home Online

We have existed online for so many years and deployed platforms from the hardware layer all the way up to the presentation layer. This really is our home and we know it so well. If you want help with anything from the smallest website, to deploying a multi-server, multi-country web applications that requires minimum latency accross all timezones and scale to millions of users, we can help.

We may not necessarly take on your project, but we can definitely point you in the right direction. We are also happy to be a sounding board to make sure that you are not taken advantage of by any other companies.

Digipigeon can help to create a requirements specification for you, overlook one which you already have, or help to implement one.

Carrier Services

Are you a VoIP carrier looking for:
  • Rate Card Management
  • LRN, HLR, ASRPlus, Ofcom Lookups
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