Why Us?

Most networks are not built to handle short duration traffic. It can be very intensive for providers to setup and tear down calls. We have create our own infrastructure to handle this with ease.


  • Switching capacity of 500cps+
  • Termination Capacity of 100cps+
  • Online Control Panel
  • Un-attended re-crediting account
  • Full CDR Data Download
  • Low PDD, High NER
  • Tollerant of poor ASR/ACD traffic
  • ASRPlus Optomisation
  • Aggregated Divergent Routes
  • Detailed Reports & Stats
  • Reseller Capabilities

Short Duration VoIP Traffic

Cost vs Quality

We have a range of routes for you to choose from based on requirements.

Expert Please

Industry experts are on hand to assist with setup & ongoing support.

We built our high capacity platform after bringing down some big providers with our traffic, it was obvious that we needed divergent aggregation if we wanted to shift any real capacity. Since then, we have got a multi-server, geo-redundant architecture which handles traffic with ease.

Metrics and Statistics are our daily radio station, we work on routing your calls code by code, stat by stat, to ensure you will have the best quality with us.